How to Choose a Porn Filter – 5 Key Features

Many people are concerned with the abundance of porn available on the Internet today. Wives are concerned that their husbands are viewing pornography, parents are worried that their children are exposed to adult content, girlfriends worry about boyfriends and even employers need to be sure that employees are not abusing their office Internet connection by [...]

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How to Delay Ejaculation – Stop Hyperventilating Like a Wannabe Porn Star

Sick to death of the same outcome, and so is she? You know the scenario. You think you know how to delay ejaculation, but the outcome is always the same. You last less [...]

Can Free Software Really Block Porn?

If you are at work thinking that your free porn blocker is working for your kids then I got a news flash for you ITS NOT. There are thousands of people that believes in [...]

The Best Way You Can Break Free of a Porn Addiction

I am not one to brag and I am not one to set new years resolutions. In fact, my porn addiction was broken before the new year. This is just a simple article on how I broke [...]

The One Best Thing to Cure a Porn Problem

I see lots of people who are beginning to wake up to the damage that porn is causing in their lives. When people get to this point, it becomes obvious that they must find [...]